Sully courtesy of Facebook and Sorted. Photography by Mike Ramirez.

Low-key production virtuoso Jack Stevens emerges from the studio with a furious reworking of Sam Binga‘s splashy bass assault “Wasted Days“.

Adopting the music making guise “Sully“, the elusive beatsmith was a key proponent in ushering in the darker sounds of the UK Garage persuasion — a precursor to the Dubstep musical movement that would take the Bass Music world by storm.

Reimagining “Wasted Days” in a Jungle stylee, Sully retains the gritty lyrics of female Ragga vocalist Warrior Queen.  Rolling drum break choppage, echo effects, delays, and booming basslines are amalgamated to create a top-ranking sound; one that will undoubtedly get the rewind more times than not.

Purhcase the Sully remix of “Wasted Days” from Juno Records

– Joe Crilla