The hallowed sound of ’94 — its highly sought after rarities prized by selectors and collectors alike, the unofficial pinnacle annum of the Golden Age of Jungle music has produced a veritable endless supply of stellar recordings.

Pioneering Hardcore and Brokenbeat production duo Shut Up & Dance had been instrumental in the early years of Rave, shaping the earliest musical iterations of the burgeoning cultural phenomenon in the UK.  Hackney natives PJ & Smiley would continue to evolve from their late 1980’s beginnings into the mid-90’s, pushing the Jungle sound under the collective moniker Red Light.

Their modus operandi of pressing  coveted dubplates from those same aforementioned idealistic times, the Deep Jungle imprint has resurrected a pair of previously unreleased Red Light studio works as the 9th issuance of their increasingly celebrated catalog.  With unmistakably vintage ’94 drum break patterns, old-school basslines, Island infused riddim sections, dubby effects, and a series of sequenced vocal toasts throw in for good measure, “Dangerous” is the epitome of the classic Jungle tear-out sound.

Purchase “Dangerous” / “Greetings” on 12″ vinyl from the Deep Jungle Bandcamp page:

– Joe Crilla