Dillinja photography by Eternity Creative Labs.

After managing to srcimp and save for the better part of a year, I managed to buy my first pair of tech 12s. It was the autumn of 2000 and I had just put together my first DJ setup. My to-do list thereafter was relatively clearcut:

  1. Learn how to beatmatch
  2. Cop as many Dillinja records I could get my hands on

Understand that this preceded the release of Dillinja‘s critically acclaimed long player Cybotron by a matter of months, and it was commonplace at the time to hear the biggest DJs play the Valve Recordings boss’ forthcoming material several times in the same night.

Even as a young aspiring selector, my relatively untrained ears instantly picked up on the sheer superiority of Dillinja‘s production value of  musical works in contrast to many of the Drum & Bass records of the day.  This is more of a testament to how ahead of the curve Karl Francis had been within the studio in contrast to his peers — many of his tunes sounding as fresh and crisp today despite a myriad of technological advances.

Resurfacing as part of Dom & Roland‘s Dubs From the Dungeons offshoot — a limited run imprint dedicated to pressing long forgotten highly sought after dubplates, “Acid Roller” is pulled from the brink of oblivion being published as the flip on the fourth catalog issuance of DFTD.  Featuring production hallmarks indicative of the legendary beatsmiths late 90’s sound, “Acid Roller” methodically batters soundsystems with a steady diet of otherworldly sub bass and Dillinja‘s trademark chunky drum break arrangements.

Purchase “End of Line” / “Acid Roller” on limited edition 12″ gold vinyl form the Dom & Roland Productions Bandcamp page: https://domandroland.bandcamp.com/album/end-of-line-acid-rollers-dubs-from-the-dungeons-ddd03 

– Joe Crilla